Thursday, December 18, 2014

Enjoy ME as your Christmas Present for yourself!!

Tonight I kicked off a series to celebrate Christmas and provide presents for my friends.  While you are thinking about Christmas presents for your friends and loved ones how about giving a special Christmas present for yourself - some time at my free CAM chatroom or better yet, to get me in a real hot mood buy some tokens and give me a tip, you will REALLY enjoy what happens next. I plan to be online at my free CAM chatroom several more times after tonight so please stay in touch either using my twitter account or my yahoo messenger account (see upper left on this page for "how to" information).  I hope you will get to enjoy a fun Christmas present - me!


P.S. No I don't fit in your stocking but you will surely enjoy this treat so be sure to visit me this week for a special Christmas time celebration and party.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Thankscuming Celebrated at my Free Cam Chatroom

This is that time of the year where we in America celebrate Happy Thanksgiving Time.  We all have much to be thankful for, many blessings that are a gift from our Lord even those things we think we earned but which came to us as a blessing because of the opportunity given to each of us.  I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends here, at my "twitter" and my Yahoo Messenger and my Cam chatroom worlds.

Happy Thankscuming!

Also this is my time to invite you to have a Happy Thankscuming celebration by watching me at my free Cam Chatroom.  What better treat can you give yourself than a lovely Filipina lady ready to make you smile and happy?  I hope you will register at my cam chatroom (free, no credit card needed) because that is the only way you can chat with me and say hello.  If you just want to peek in there's nothing but a "click" to do for you to visit that way.

Of course I am hoping someone will come along who will tip me after which I always get far more frisky and happy.  You will like me better when I am frisky and happy, believe me.

Yes, it is true that the beggars and freeloaders get a free show without tipping me when someone does tip me.  I don't worry about that, and I realize the generous gentleman does not either.  Of course, if those people getting the free ride bother him he can always take me private using the much higher quality SKYPE after tipping me first in that chatroom.

I hope to have the chance to offer you a HAPPY THANKSCUMING personally if you will visit me tonight or the next few nites.  If you like Camgirls, Asiangirls, FilipinaPussy, young girls, teens, titties ... you will enjoy visiting me.


P.S. Don't forget my last two message posts if you missed them.  (1) "Why Do You Follow Me on Twitter?" (click HERE to read) and...
(2) vote in my important survey on the right side of this page near the top, Should I wear my new BUTT PLUG JEWELRY backside up, or titty/pussy side up?  The story about my new JEWEL BUTT PLUG is HERE.

PPS.  I need earmarked TIPS to pay for my JEWEL PLUG before I will wear it ... if you want a special PREVIEW in SKYPE of my new BUTT PLUG JEWELRY just ask me.

Why do you follow me on Twitter?

There are two simple reasons why new friends "follow" me on Twitter as you can see from this Twitter post I just sent out today.

First, I send out tweets whenever I am going to do another online, free CAM Show Performance at my Cam-Chatroom.  You don't even have to register to watch, although I do appreciate those who do register (free, no credit card needed) in order to be able to chat with me there.

I usually perform as a Cam Girl for three hours several times a week, while waiting for a gentleman who can afford to do so to tip me there.  I always have a tip goal and I can get pretty wild when I have reached that goal.

The second reason a lot of my friends follow me on Twitter is because I send out a lot of pictures - not just of me being naughty but also some of the many teen and sexy lady pix that my friends send to me.

For those who have still not figured out how simple Twitter is to follow, I do have a "twitter feed" on this blog page in the right hand side.  I have sent out 16,000 "tweets" - most with photo attachments - since I started "tweeting" several months ago, and have "favorited" 5,414 photos for you to find easily (one click access, free like everything at Twitter).

How do I make money doing all of this you may be wondering?  Oh, I never make a secret of that.

Just like restaurant waitress, those of us who work as "Cam Girls" earn money when happy viewers give us a tip.  All such Cam sites ask you to purchase "tokens" from them which you can then use to tip the girl making you happy. 

We also have a system where you can take me out for a private session using the much higher quality SKYPE - after you first pay me a tip at the Cam site.

So I perform free while waiting for a generous gentleman who can afford to do so to tip me.

Do I get tired of the freeloaders, the beggars and those just demanding stuff from me all the time?  Of course it does sometimes get tiresome and difficult to keep a cheerful attitude if I must wait for hours before someone tips me.  But happily, I usually have someone come along who can tip me.  I stay cheerful because I know that not all visitors are jobless whiners, but some are good people who are seeking a good time for which they are happy to pay a tip.

So, what is your reason to follow me on twitter?  The pix I send out free, sometimes dozens or even more than 100 in one day?  Or the "alert" I send out when I am going to go online and turn on my camera and turn on my visitors?  Or both?

Oh - before it is too late, please vote in my BUTT JEWELRY poll.   Read the blog article or go to the right side of this blog and vote in the poll before it is closed in the next few days: 

Should I wear my new BUTT PLUG JEWELRY backside up, or titty/pussy side up?


P.S.  My contact info is in the upper right corner of this blog page - my Yahoo messenger, twitter address and even my cam chatroom.  Stay in touch.  I do use Twitter & Yahoo Messenger both, to let friends know when I am going online with another free performance, usually a few times a week.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Celebrate a XXX Halloween Today

Those of my friends who have visited me at my CAM Chatroom this week have noticed I have been celebrating Halloween all week.  Tonight – Friday – will be the “grande finale” of my Halloween Party and I hope you will come and give me a “trick or treat.”  Those who are on my yahoo messenger list or my twitter list will get the “alert” when I am getting set to go online live to perform so if you are not on my list please “follow” me on twitter or befriend me at Twitter (see upper right hand corner of this blog).
I will be online tonight (Halloween 10/31) from 8 PM to 11 PM EST.  Stay in touch better by following me on Twitter, and/or by “friending” me at Yahoo Messenger.  See link at the upper right of this blog.
How did a girl from the Philippines get into this “Halloween” celebrated by Americans?  Well, I’ve lived here for awhile now, and it is really unavoidable.  And since my sideline fun and work is performing for my guests at my free CAM chatroom (while waiting for those who can afford to tip me to arrive), it is naturally a theme I make use of.

I’m really not at all into zombies, witches and devils as are many Americans who celebrate Halloween.  Not for me and if I were to have kids someday, not for them.  
I like the original, Western Christianity “All Saints Day “celebrated every year on November 1, where you pray for the deceased who have reached Saint status and are in heaven, and ask their intercession for you.  
The associated holiday of All Souls Day is the next day, November 2, where we pray for the deceased who we do not know have reached heaven.  And the eve of All Saints Day is “Halloween.”
This 3 day holiday season has evolved into what today everyone simply calls “Halloween” on October 31.
I hope you will enjoy the pix I am putting here – more are sent to my twitter followers – and especially my Halloween Party CamShow tonight, 8 to 11 PM.
I hope you will have the chance to visit with me at my free CAM Chatroom, if not today on Halloween, then at some time in the near future.  I especially appreciate the rare visitor who actually can and does read - and if you read this far you are indeed that rare and appreciated guest.
P.S. Don’t forget to VOTE in my poll, Should I wear my new BUTT PLUG JEWELRY backside up, or titty/pussy side up?” – upper right hand corner of this blog – and if you missed it, the article that goes with that poll, scroll down or click HERE.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Does the New Butt Plug Jewelry Get You Excited?

Will you help me Pay for (and then use) this Jewelry?

Well, the phrase “stuff it up your ass” used to sound so very nasty to me and such a turnoff, but I have recently noticed a few of the girls who are my friendly competitor on the free camgirl chatroom I use, that’s no longer true.
Of course, what girl can resist the chance to wear more jewelry?  And, if it turns on those watching me as much as it turns ME on then wow – I get a double plus out of the new butt plug jewelry.
I asked a few of my regulars about this new “jewelry butt plug” – and they admitted it would be a real turnon to them to see me wearing the new jewelry.
Well, I used my credit card to buy a jewelry butt plug.  But I have not yet tried it on for size, not yet shown it off.
Well, I need to pay off my credit card bill and not just make small payments on it.  So I will wait to wear my new butt plug jewelry until I have received some “butt plug jewelry tips” or have someone make a private SKYPE show appointment with me to pay for this.
That’s right.  Those who rely on my free CAM shows at my free cam chatroom website, are going to have to WAIT until I can pay this bill before I will show them my new butt plug jewelry.
Let me tell you, I am really excited about this.  First and second reasons I mentioned.  I get to wear jewelry, and get to turn on my friends.  But here’s another reason you may not have figured out.  

When this thing is stuffed into my rear it will make my pussy VERY, very tight.  I have never done DOUBLE PENETRATION before.  But when I wear this jewelry, if I also use one of my TOYS at the same time, it will be a REALLY TIGHT FIT with two visitors at the same time.
So, the first people who will get to see my new BUTT PLUG JEWELRY will be those who take me private, or who bring the subject up when I am in my cam chatroom and give me enough tips (or encourage others to do so if you cannot afford to tip me). 
When I do wear my new butt plug jewelry, would you prefer me "over easy" (rear viewe) or wearing my jewelry "sunnyside up" (front view as seen above, with my titties also showing)??  Send me a note to let me know your preference ok?

If you want to make an appointment with me for a private SKYPE session you can post a note to me on my yahoo messenger account (chingslut is my name there), or send me a private tweet, or visit me at my cam chatroom when I am on live and ask me there.  

The quality of the SKYPE is really amazing, so much superior to my regular and free cam chatroom.  You pay my tip at my chatroom, and then I provide you my SKYPE name and we immediately meet up for your private performance.  With the new BUTT PLUG JEWELRY, if that turns you on as much as it does me.

No doubt, if jewelry is a girl’s best friend,  new BUTT PLUG JEWELRY is “best friend forever.”
Jema Bel
P.S. I am NOT going to wear this new Butt Plug Jewelry until someone helps me to pay off the credit card I used to buy it.  Yes, as much as it pains me to wait, I am going to stick to my plan.  Do you want to see me wearing my new Jewelry???

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Another live performance at my free CAM Chatroom for you Sunday Night

How & Why I Do Free Performances for You?
I’ve been doing a lot of free performances at my blog chatroom in the past month and I know a lot of people who hear about it think it cannot be possible for a girl to put out this much this many times and not charge you anything.  I really don’t have time or space to explain once my performance begins – my next one is Sunday nite, 5 to 8 PM (earlier than normal) Eastern Standard Time (I live in northeast USA). 
But I’ll put in a brief explanation here, of why I do free performances at my free cam chatroom.
I am waiting for two things to happen while I am doing this free performance, usually for three hours at a time.  First, some people tip me.  I always have an evening goal, such as 200 tokens (which you buy at the cam chatroom). 

While I am waiting for someone to come along who can afford a tip and who is willing to do so, others get a free show.  No, not just a small sample but a good enjoyable performance. 
No, I do not ever do a CUM show unless I get to my tip goal for the night.  That is what I am waiting for. 
The second reason I do a free performance, is that some people come along who want to treat themselves to a private SKYPE show.   Skype is free to download and easy to figure out.  You only need half a brain to figure it out, which is of course, twice what some of my fans have, sad to say.  
The quality of SKYPE is far, far superior to the cam chatroom I use.  The video image is both larger and higher quality, plus richer color.  And, I turn on my more expensive lighting for private SKYPE shows, further boosting the quality.  Read the pull down article at the top of the page for more reasons why you might want to treat yourself to a private SKYPE show.
So if you cannot afford to tip me or to treat yourself to a private SKYPE show, what can you do to get me to CUM for you online?  You can pray, if you are spiritual.  That’s it.  The only thing you can do. 
You can pray that someone comes along who is not as cheap or poor as you, and who will tip me to reach my tip goal.  Then you are in for a REAL treat.  But, the person who can afford to tip me, may have me turn off my free cam chatroom camera for a bit, and go along with him ONLY for a free SKYPE show.  So when you pray, be particular in what you ask for. 
As for me, I am happy of course, either way.  I love focusing my attention on those generous people who visit my room from time to time and give me a tip to make it worth my while to continue to pursue this sideline source of income.  Tonight I’m on until 12:30 AM (3 hours).  Cum watch at
In recent months I’ve usually been on at least 4 or 5 days of the week for 3 hours a day.  The best way to find out when I’m on is to Follow me on Twitter, or on yahoo messenger (where my name is Ching Slutt).  I always send out a bulletin to let you know when I am going online with the direct link to my free cam chatroom.  Often, I let you know a few hours ahead when I am going to go on and then again with the link when I am on.  Although there are variations on my name at different locations I’m Jema Bel and I’d like to make you smile!
Jema Bel
P.S. What’s a girl to do?  It costs serious amounts of money, this online adventure hobby of mine.  That is why I am on the lookout for a few generous friends who will stay in touch with me and who I know I can make smile and be happy.  I need the work.  I have bills to pay.  What bills, you ask?  Well, 35mm cameras and lenses, a high quality video, microcomputer and attached cam.  Internet connection.  Lingerie – I can never own enough.  Shoes to match.  Makeup is used every day of course.  Toys – a girl can never have enough and this is a really expensive hobby but essential for my “work.”  Hope you are one of the few really good friends I am looking for who can help me.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

You are Invited to my Beachhouse

The pleasure of your company 
is requested for 
Sexy Summer Fun 
JemaBel's free cam chatroom 
daily til 8/3, usually 3 hours or more
Tonight (Sunday) until 8 PM & again
from 11:30 PM until 3 AM (EST).
RSVP Requested. 

Dear Reader,

Don't miss this.  I'm having a summer party every day until 8/3 and you are invited.

Photos shown above are of me with one of the 3 bikini's I'll be wearing every day until Sunday, 8/3.  I am sharing pix of me wearing two of my bikinis at the beach this past week, plus the even naughtier pix removing them in my hotel room afterwards, with my Twitter Followers.  Follow me now so you can see.  

Please RSVP.  And check me out on Yahoo Messenger (chingslut) as well as Twitter.  Most of all, don't miss a visit to my Beachhouse before 8/3.  Some of my friends are visiting with me every day.  How about you?


P.S. If you visit me several times before 8/3 then you can tell me which of my 3 bikinis is your favorite.  Hint: the skimpiest one is the one I'll wear last.