Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Is it True What my Hat Says I HAVE BEEN GOOD?

I posted this photo on my Facebook page but not the ones below, from the same photo shoot… or else I would join the friend who posted much too racy video that got it removed and her banned (see my previous post)… here is what I said at my Facebook page (feel free to FRIEND me there where I am Ching Beee, see upper right hand corner).

(From my Facebook page) Another of the "culture shock" things I noticed that is different between USA and Philippines is that we REALLY love our Christmas season and are not in such a hurry as most Americans are, to tear down the tree after the big day has passed. 

This photo above,  is one of those rare ones of me I am willing to risk posting here (Facebook has punished me with BLOCK, four times, without ever telling me WHY, but usually right after I post a photo like this one, showing little or no part of my body), showing my Christmas tree that is still up, over 2 weeks after Christmas. 

In the Philippines you don't hear anyone complaining about the "commercialization" of Christmas, and store merchants have beautiful displays up in early September, never mind waiting over 2 more months until Thanksgiving (which of course, being a unique American holiday, is not celebrated in Philippines). 

And if you look closely at the photo you may enjoy the message on my hat.  I did spend time with friends with my video camera wearing this outfit and the hat with that message and they agree, I have indeed, been good. (End Facebook post)

I enjoy my “work” as a Chat Camgirl host - which I do not ever refer to at my "Ching Beee" Facebook page page - and hope you will visit me some time for some racy fun, and the you can decide if it is true or not, as the hat message says, “I’ve been good.”

And, if you are in doubt whether I have been good, take a look at some of the other pix of me that show you what visitors to my CAM Chatroom got to see during the Christmas season performances I did.



P.S.  What a huge difference what I am allowed to post at my twitter account and here, versus my very limited and heavily censored Facebook page.  If you want to be my friend on Facebook that is great but much better is for you to get a twitter account to follow me, and a Yahoo Messenger account to friend me there and best would be to visit me at my CAM chatroom (all links above, upper right corner of this blog).  Unless you don’t like Asians, or don’t like XXX.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

This will get her Banned on Facebook for Sure

This actually appeared as a post by one of my friends on Facebook I guess she was excited about how nice her girlfriend looked dancing like this, very sexy indeed.  But, I will bet you this will get her account banned by Facebook because her friend, while very cute and sexy, is showing way too much.  That would be such a real shame if it happened but I fear it will.

I had Facebook ban my last account for WAY less than what this young girl is showing on this video.  And, my new account at Facebook I barely show elbows and knees and rarely ever invite anyone to be friend (you have to ask me) but still, they "punished" me four (4) times with a 30 day "block" that stops me from doing ANYTHING (even responding to messages from others).  Do  you think I'm right?

(you can write to me at Yahoo Messenger or using Twitter, or visit me at my free CAM chatroom when I am on - all contact info is in the upper right hand corner of this page).

if you see a "blank" for the video it means that you were too late and Facebook banned my friend for posting this video of her girlfriend showing WAY too much, including down below not just above her waist if you get my meaning.

I did enjoy the video by the way, no doubt her young girlfriend is both cute and sexy.  Do you think?  I appreciate her posting it even though I am afraid it will get her Facebook account closed down (don't forget if you are looking for me on Facebook I am "Ching Beee" there not JemaBel).


P.S. I show lots more than the girl in the video but not ever at Facebook.  You can see if you follow me on twitter or visit my CAM chatroom.

NOTE/Addendum of 1/27.  Sure enough, Facebook deleted this racy video and it appears deleted the girl that posted it too, within less than 24 hours from when it went up.  It just goes to show you two things: (1) use twitter (simple) or blog (more complex) to post such things and never mind using Facebook or they kill you, and (2) be sure to stay tuned to my posts and VISIT QUICK before it is too late.  My friends who are FOLLOWING me on Twitter (FilipinaJemaBel - see link up above, right side) and are friends with me on Yahoo Messenger (Chingslut - see link above) get instant notice each time I post here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I voted for Lana Rain for Miss My CAM Girl Contest

Yes as odd as it sounds I voted for someone else, not myself, to win the “Miss My Cam Girl” Contest – namely Lana Rain.  I was really bummed out that Lana, who is one of the CAMgirls who I like, admire and follow, was disqualified from this annual Miss MyCamGirl contest this past week shortly after I voted for her. 

Lana was actually leading in the contest, which allows anyone to vote once per day – with 1 tenth of a vote to just go there and “click” for the camgirl of your choice, or 1 full vote if you register at the site.  Nice gimmick to capture names of people (ie. Email list)  interested enough in CAMgirls to bother to register. 

Anyway, I picked a girl not just based on looks but also her attitude and the effort she puts into her work. 

OK, I admit to the bias lots of people from the Philippines have – we are just totally fascinated and in love with the “blonde” look and also lots of us love the “anime” look – and Lana Rain has BOTH of these attributes.

In addition to that "blonde" and "anime" look Lana Rain has a very pretty, youthful look, an always cheerful, playful attitude, a willingness to work long hours and work hard to make visitors to her free cam chatroom feel like it was worth visiting this super sexy lady who gives such a sexy show.  I cannot recommend her enough.

Sure, I know that it may appear strange to you to see someone who is in the same line of work as Lana is, to write something nice like this about Lana who is “competing” with me in the same business.  Lana Rain performs at Chaturbate while I am on as JemaBel0914 at cam4 and both of us have Twitter accounts to keep our friends informed about when we go online.

But I really do not see Lana as a rival but as someone who inspires me in the line of work we are both in.  That’s why I voted for her, sent out a GIF video promotion of her to my followers and others, voted for her in the contest and finally am writing this blog post about her.

In fact, I think it is the least I can do and here’s why.  I get ideas and inspiration – as many hard working cam girls do – simply from visiting other camgirls’ chatroom while they are working.  In fact I just learned that some other girls who also do this, give a tip to their rival as a small way to say “thank you” for the effort.  Not to mention yes, we enjoy the nice performance too, although lots (most?) men do not seem to understand we ladies are not as VISUAL oriented as they are. 

In addition to that "blonde" and "anime" look Lana Rain has a very pretty, youthful look, an always cheerful, playful attitude, a willingness to work long hours and work hard to make visitors to her free cam chatroom feel like it was worth visiting this super sexy lady who gives such a sexy show.  I cannot recommend her enough.

We do not get a turnon from constant offers “do you want to see my cock” while we are performing in our CAM Chatroom.  

I do have a COCK WATCH SERVICE available I might add, which is payable in advance but, it is a shock to some, that ladies do not sit for hours in their cam room waiting for them to show up to demand that I inspect their cock for free. 

We prefer to be paid with tokens we can turn in for cash, not glimpses of your pride and joy and what many think of (somehow) as their great accomplishment instead of like, it is a COCK for goodness sake, the basic equipment package you were born with.  It is a gift from God through your parents, it is not an achievement that you should always be asking ladies if they want to see.

As you can see, Lana Rain gives a very sexy performance - in this case with her
Jewel Butt plug.  I just got one of those to use in my free CAM Chatroom too.
Guys, it is a job, it is sideline work for just about every single one of us, and the fact that we can enjoy our work and even have an orgasm (what other job is there that allows that during work hours?) does not alter or change the truth – it is our work here when we do a CAM Show performance.  Your visiting us is your hobby.

Anyway, I had a more technical oriented one of my fans, make a short GIF of Lana Rain cause I was so pissed that they disqualified her from the contest (which pays $3,000 total prize money – including $1,000 to the first place winner and $800 to the second place winner). 

And I sent it not only to my own followers on Twitter (nearly 5,000 – a mere one-fourth of Lana’s follower list) but I also sent it to a couple of HUNDRED others on Twitter who retweet.  I hope you enjoy it and in fact feel free to circulate it to YOUR friends via twitter or email (or simply send the link to this post). 

Lana Rain (of Chaturbate) was doing so well in the contest when I “discovered” her.  It seemed each day, she was exchanging first or second place position (which showed on their contest website) with the same girl, and everyone else was wayyyyy behind from third place back. 

That means these two very sexy, pretty camgirls were about certain to get an $800 or a $1,000 prize the only question being, which girl gets the top spot? 

Both girls in competing against each for first place, were sending hundreds of their fans who were visiting their Cam Chatroom, to the contest website, many to register. 

It was a fascinating idea of a contest and added excitement to the CAM chatroom of all the ladies competing but especially the top two battling out for the first place prize, well ahead of the rest of the pack of contestants in total votes – about 4,000 plus each.

Then all of a sudden I found out that Lana had been disqualified.  I am not positive why, but from what I read at her own blog and that of one of her more outspoken fans who also has his own blog post on the topic, someone had “badmouthed” one or another of the other girls competing in the contest. 

And, one of her fans, “eightloaded” by specific name (he has a twitter account) seems even more pissed off by this than me, and he posted screenshots to show that the complaints against Lana Rain made use of a photoshoped (false) screenshot, proving by his knowledge of that program and the images he published, that it was a phony complaint made against Lana Rain which was used to disqualify her from the contest.  The blog posting of “eightloaded” is at imgur.

Well how stupid is this?  All of us have some crazy people visit our free CAM chatroom.  I noticed on one of my visits to Lana Rain’s room that somebody posted a comment that sounded a TINY bit negative (not really trashing bad) about the other girls versus how pretty Lana was… and Lana did notice it and correct that person, saying she would be fine if she didn’t finish first (scroll up: second pays $800 and third – no chance her slipping that low – pays $600) and that there are some really nice people competing. 

I thought it was very diplomatic, not a harsh rebuke that would have left bad feelings but, making very clear that Lana Rain is not going to allow any negative of ANY kind to go unanswered in her room.  I was impressed by how Lana reacted to that VERY soft, implied criticism of the other girls in the contest.

The very next day however, when I entered her room, I learned that she has been banned from the contest and sure enough her pretty photo is gone.

It may have been that incident that I witnessed (watched) that was used against her, or the phony, photoshoped image offered to the contest administrators as the “proof” that Lana had violated the “rules” by permitting criticism of the other girls in the contest, I don’t know.

But it is rather stupid to do this to Lana who ran a good “campaign” and who promoted these people’s contest, seeking first prize.  I admire her for what she did and I hope that she remembers that she got something out of this even if they did in the end rip her off and rip off all of the 4,000 plus – including me – who took the time to vote for her. 

Yes, they stole the prize from her, but during the contest she generated more excitement among her fans, including the undersigned, and I am sure that benefited her with more short term tips and more fans in the long run.  Screw the “Miss My Camgirl” contest jerks.

So, it is a way of “getting even” with the bastards (no I don’t usually use bad words but I make an exception here) who disqualified Lana Rain from this contest she was promoting and hoping to win. 

Imagine how stupid this is of them – this girl was telling people to visit their website EVERY DAY for 6 or 8 hours a day for several weeks, helping them get literally THOUSANDS of visitors, many of whom registered there and left those fools their email address. 

What kind of thanks is that, to ban her (disqualify) her from the contest because apparently, one of her followers said something negative about Lana Rain’s competitors in the contest?

So, before I stop going on about her I’ll tell you that yes, she uses the same name onTwitter and actively uses this tool (as do I) to keep her followers posted on her activities.  So if you want to give her a boost you can click the link to find @Lana_Rain and follow this lady (she doesn’t stay blond for any length of time by the way).  And yes there are some photos there too.  And of course, you can visit her on Chaturbate and if you remember to tell her that JemaBel sent you I’d sure appreciate that too.

Now of course, this is my blog so I’d be kinda dumb if I didn’t conclude with a reminder that I hope you will visit me sometime when I am performing at my free CAM Chatroom.  I do work for tips so if you cannot do that you can at least pray for someone to come along who is able to afford to tip me to reach my CUM goal for that day and then the performance gets pretty wild. 

And I am also available for the higher quality SKYPE shows (you tip me there and then we exit to SKYPE). 

For those who prefer the “blonde” look, mine is not the show/performance room for you as I am rather brown and not remotely close to light skinned or blonde, as I am aFilipina. 

If you prefer what Americans call the "exotic look" of us who are darker skinned Asians
that's fine with me - come visit my CAM Chatroom.  I prefer blonde and lightskinned
but, that's the attitude of lots of us from the Philippines and Asia.  But the best of all
is: why not visit both of us - Lana Rain and me, Jema Bel?
But if you think of me as an Asian being “Exotic” by all means stop by sometime.  Like Lana, I use Twitter to keep my followers informed when I am going online live.  I also use my old Yahoo Messenger account for that purpose (I am “chingslut” on that account).

Well, that’s me venting after being so upset to see a hard working, pretty young lady knocked out of first place in this “miss MyCamgirl” contest.  Such idiots, so unfair what they did. 

And now, I feel a lot better and I take a lot of comfort from knowing that Lana benefited from the contest DESPITE the unfairness of their disqualifying her for trumped up, stupid reasons – and despite the disrespect this contest gave to me and to all of us who voted for Lana.  They stole our votes, they wasted our time, so to heck with them and hooray for Lana Rain.  

Hope to “see” you soon at my cam Chatroom where I perform at Cam4 as JemaB el0914, and at Twitter you can follow me as FilipinaJemaBel.


P.S. The photos I got from that “technical” friend who also is a frequent moderator at my room and I hope you enjoy Lana Rain as much as I do.  Do blondes have more fun?  It sure appears Lana does.  But then, she keeps changing her hair color so it is all a very interesting experience to visit her room and I highly recommend her.  Of course, I hope you'll also visit my room especially if you prefer that "Exotic" look as some of my fans call us from Asia.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy ToyThursday Celebrated on Twitter

Yesterday was the last of my “YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT UNWRAPPED” three days show (this past Mon.-Wed.) and while some of my Twitter followers and Yahoo Messenger friends got the word in time to enjoy the free treat I offered, I am sad that so many just didn’t get around to it and missed it.  It pays to be following me, either on Twitter or better, on Yahoo Messenger (see upper right corner of this blog for HOW TO).

So today I took off time from my free performances but, I did “celebrate” what on twitter is known as #ToyThursday.  For non-twitterites, that means “hashtag Toy Thursday).  I added my own posts with the message, as you can see.  All of this is why I now have 4,798 Twitter followers and expect to hit 5,000 within the next week.  How about you?

For those who still haven’t established their own free Twitter account (you just need an email address and a twitter handle/name to register) I do have a “twitter feed” on this blog (right hand column, scroll down) which carries my twitter feed – what is “tweeted” to my 4,798 followers.  Twitter records show that I have sent out 19,200 tweets including 10,500 photos and videos (GIFs) which includes a lot of pix and recently some GIF’s of the undersigned.

For those using Twitter and for everyone else not, Happy  Toy Thursday and stay tuned for my next online, free CAM show performance.


P.S. Speaking of records – besides going over 10,000 photos & vids at twitter for the first time (you gain access this instantly when you begin "following" me), and closing in on the 5,000 Followers record, I am also happy to report that here at my blog I have just gone over 10,000 visitors!  Those following me on Twitter or as my Friends at Yahoo Messenger always get a “notice” when I post something new here, so go ahead and sign up to stay posted on my activities if you enjoy me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


My final presentation of my free YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOW UNWRAPPED Cam Show is scheduled for 9 PM until 12:30 AM today, Wed. 1/7 to help you kick off your “New Year’s 2015” with a “bang.”  

If you have seen any part of my first two day sof this 3-days presentation you know it is a hot way to kick off the new year, if you enjoy watching sexy Asian lady on CAM.  

I always provide the direct link to the live show just as I go online live, to my Twitter Followers (@FilipinaJemaBel) and to my Yahoo Messenger followers (where I am “Chingslut”), or you can find me on cam4 as JemaBel0915. 


P.S. I get extra “naughty and nice” for you after one or more visitors have shown their willingness to provide me a tip to reach my nightly goal.  I also am available for the higher quality, private SKYPE show (you tip me at the show and then we depart for SKYPE).  If you cannot tip then you can pray for someone to come along who can although you will be left “high and dry” if that generous tipper decides he or she prefers a private SKYPE show.  See you tonight anytime between 9 pm and 12:30 am.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Three Day CAM Show Kicks off New Year with a “Bang”

I’ll be performing this week on Mon., Tues. & Wed. from 9 PM to midnight at my free CAM Chatroom to kick off New Year 2015 with a “Bang.”  

I have toys to buy, people to make happy, and want to spread “Joy to the World” while earning a sideline income for my hobbies.  And what better part time work could I possibly find?

Cum visit me and if you haven’t already done so follow me on twitter, friend me at Yahoo Messenger (where I am “chingslut”), friend me at Facebook.

This photo/graphic (above: photo at top, GIF immediately above) is an example of what I send to my followers on Facebook, usually several times a week, plus the new GIF videos I learned how to make showing a small clip of me in live performance. 


P.S. Is that a good resolution do you think, for New Year 2015: spread more JOY TO THE WORLD using my Cam?  Do I make you happy?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Do you like it when I oil my Tits like this?

Many of my friends have told me they really enjoy watching me oil and rub my tits.  How about you?  I’m doing it right now, and I can often be persuaded by new visitors to my free CAM Chatroom to do this.  

But, two warnings.  First, although you can watch without even registering, you must register (free, no credit card required) with a valid email address to be able to chat with me and make such a request.  Many of my fans are jobless, or poor or simply not intelligent enough to figure out how to do this.  

But for most people who wish, it is rather easy to do, so you can make such a request.  My second warning is this: I always listen much better, to those who first tip me.  If you cannot tip me you can at least be polite, and also pray strongly, for someone to come along who can tip me. 

So tell me: do you like it better when I oil my tits like this?  Why not watch me do that "live" at my free CAM Chatroom - now, or some other time?  I send "alerts" when I perform with the direct link to my free CAM Chatroom via Twitter and via Yahoo Messenger (see upper right hand corner of this blog).  Hope you get a chance to enjoy, now or very soon.



P.S. Yep I am working to keep my new year’s resolution to us GIF videos which twitter supporters, to post these for my twitter followers.  If you haven’t signed up for free twitter you are missing out on some great pix & vids I send out, usually every day.