Sunday, July 27, 2014

You are Invited to my Beachhouse

The pleasure of your company 
is requested for 
Sexy Summer Fun 
JemaBel's free cam chatroom 
daily til 8/3, usually 3 hours or more
Tonight (Sunday) until 8 PM & again
from 11:30 PM until 3 AM (EST).
RSVP Requested. 

Dear Reader,

Don't miss this.  I'm having a summer party every day until 8/3 and you are invited.

Photos shown above are of me with one of the 3 bikini's I'll be wearing every day until Sunday, 8/3.  I am sharing pix of me wearing two of my bikinis at the beach this past week, plus the even naughtier pix removing them in my hotel room afterwards, with my Twitter Followers.  Follow me now so you can see.  

Please RSVP.  And check me out on Yahoo Messenger (chingslut) as well as Twitter.  Most of all, don't miss a visit to my Beachhouse before 8/3.  Some of my friends are visiting with me every day.  How about you?


P.S. If you visit me several times before 8/3 then you can tell me which of my 3 bikinis is your favorite.  Hint: the skimpiest one is the one I'll wear last.  

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sexy Summer Fun Continues Tonight

Only a few days ago I was on the beach – took this photo – and tonight we will do an “instant replay” and show you what I did once I got back to the hotel.  Hope you can visit me.  

And remember, my twitter followers are getting a bunch of the pix – showing me on the beach and much naughtier once I get back to my nearby hotel – so “follow” me quick.  

Tonight is “night 2” of my 11 days at my “Sexy Summer Fun Beachhouse” going through August 3.  Hope you get a chance to enjoy me!  It is really an extra special treat if you can view me in a much higher quality private SKYPE session.  


P.S. Do you prefer me in my itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, Pink bikini or “skinny dipping” style?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Come visit me for Sexy Summer Fun at my Beachhouse

Why not join me for some "Sexy Summer Fun" at my CAM-chatroom Beachhouse tonight or any of the next 11 nights until Sunday, August 3?  I just returned from the beach on the east coast USA and did several outside and inside photo shoots and also did some very XXX videos too.  I'll be sharing many of them with my twitter followers.  But why settle for a photo or video when you can see me in this pink bathing suit tonight or any of the next several nights performing "live" for you.  Except when I remove the bathing suit for some "skinnydipping."  This is not something I learned when I lived in the Philippines.  It is a fun American custom.  For the non-Americans who might not know this one, it means LOSE the bathing suit and carry on with the summer fun!  I do have several very skimpy, head turning bathing suits I'll be wearing in my newly decorated "beachhouse" of a free cam-chatroom.  Take the time to give yourself a treat and visit me.  My twitter followers and my yahoo messenger friends get the "alert" message as I go online each time during the next 11 days.  I'll be on most days for 3 hours.  I am available for private SKYPE sessions for which you pay me by logging onto my cam chatroom and giving me a tip there.  Hope to see you soon for some Sexy Summer Fun at Jema Bel's free cam-chatroom Beachhouse.


P.S. Give yourself a treat.  Find your way to accept this invitation for some Sexy Summer Fun at my CAM-chatroom "Beachouse" during the next 11 days.  And, why not give yourself a really big treat with a private, higher quality (size & quality of video) SKYPE show?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Watch me Use this Yellow Summer Squash Tonight

Yes I will indeed.  From 11:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time) til 2:30 AM I will use this yellow summer squash.  I will go online at my free cam chatroom to suck on it.  Marinade it in my pussy juices.  Stuff it in my pussy.  And if one or more of my guests at my free cam chatroom who are watching, are able to afford this, and they are generous to tip me to reach my goal, then I will use this to also CUM.  Some of my generous visitors don't share I should warn you.  They prefer to treat themselves WITHOUT YOU WATCHING to a Private SKYPE show by tipping me at my cam chatroom and then we DEPART for 10 or 15 minutes.  Bad luck for you.  But good news - I am a multi-cummer.  So having a private means I come back very warmed up for more.  Don't miss this show tonight.  Follow the link on this page to my free cam chatroom.


P.S. Don't miss it.  Visit my free cam chatroom.  You can also chat with me if you register which is also free but requires you to make up a name and use a real email address (no credit card is needed).  Watching is simple, one click access, no registration needed.  And yes, tomorrow I will eat my yellow summer squash, after I make good use of it tonight.  Many more pix like this - many of which are far more explicit - are sent to my twitter followers so you should "follow me" quick.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wearing CAMO at my Free CAM Chatroom to Honor USA Military & 4th of July

I am wearing camouflage to honor all those who serve in the military of the United States and those countries allied to USA fighting against terrorism and for freedom on America's Birthday the 4th of July.  I am wearing it right now at my cam chatroom, here's one photo of my earlier in the day "walk in the park".  It is amazing how easy it is to get passersby to take my pic by the way, LOL.  Of course my tripod was used for a few of the naughtier pix.

The above was sent by the faster and easier to send/receive TWITTER so if you are not yet signed up as one of my TWITTER followers please do so.  Those who are my Yahoo Messenger friends get alerts when I am going online but only my twitter followers get several PHOTOS of me and other ladies every day (sometimes more than 100 in a day), over 6,000 so far in the past month.  The links are all in the upper right hand corner of my blog - (1) twitter, (2) cam chatroom, (3) facebook (which is so restrictive of me I hardly do anything there).  My yahoo messenger name is Ching Slut.

God Bless America, and Happy Birthday America.  I will be online celebrating tonight (EST) until 9:15 PM and again from 11 PM until 3 AM, July 5.

Truth in Advertising Alert.  OK, I am not fully truthful when I say I am wearing CAMO today.  Part of the time, nothing on below my waist (it is an easy to raise up/lift up sundress).  And part of the time, nothing on at all as I "lay aside the uniform."  Nobody complains I expect.

P.S. Why not treat yourself to a free performance at my free cam chatroom?  You don't even need to register to peek.  Or you can register (no credit card needed - just your name/email) in order to chat and say hello.  I do this free while waiting for someone to come along who can afford to tip me and do so.  I also am available for private SKYPE session (you tip me first at my cam chatroom).

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How about my "I LIKE BOYS" briefs I am wearing now?

How about my "I LIKE BOYS" briefs I am wearing now?  Here's the picture and yes, this is what I will be wearing in another appearance at my free CAM Chatroom.  OK you truth in advertising freaks you got me.  First, I also like men, girls, ladies, women, couples.  I like them even more when they are able to afford to TIP me to be truthful but I put on a nice show for all visitors to my free cam chatroom.  And second, for the truth squad, I must admit, there will be a large part of my 5 hour marathon online CAM show tonight from 9:30 PM until 2:30 AM Eastern Standard time, where I will NOT be wearing these briefs ... nor any briefs.  Why not see for yourself, now or if you read this later, then at another time?  You can stay informed about my online adventures and schedule via yahoo messenger (I am "chingslut" there) or Twitter where I am FilipinaJemaBel on Twitter. I don't do as much at Facebook cause everytime I sneeze there they freeze me again (30 days at a time) but if you want to friend me I am ChingBeee.

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Difference Between my Private Skype versus Free CAM Show

I just tweeted 4 pix showing the difference in how it looks when you treat yourself to a private SKYPE show with me versus just watching at my free CAM show. This of course, is not possible for all my fans who have not figured out how to register at my free CAM chatroom (which requires no credit card and an intelligence level at least above 3rd grade grammar school), or no job, no money, no prospects, no credit or debit card. Yes, a private SKYPE show means you pay in advance (via tip at my cam chatroom then we depart there to turn on SKYPE and you). The four photos shown here illustrate this difference nicely. Three of the pix were taken with my 35mm camera. The other one is a screenshot. Notice the huge difference?

I hope you will decide to treat yourself to a private SKYPE session with me if this is something you can afford.  Keep in mind the money we are speaking of is less than a movie date, less than a dinner date, and FAR less than a movie AND dinner date.  And, you are certain to enjoy a happy ending, no guessing.



P.S.  Don't miss 7 reasons for a private SKYPE session with me