Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sash Cover Up (but not for Long)

 Sometimes all of my lingerie and fancy stockings just don't put me in the mood as much as a simple "sash" does and last night was one such time.

I've been very busy with my "day job" the last two months so it has been awhile since I've gone online at my free cam-chatroom so here I am, and you may enjoy a few of these grainy screen shot images I got from last night.

I'm on again today.  I hope you will come and visit me and keep me company while I wait for someone who can afford to give me a tip to compensate me for my time.

Remember the different choices I offer as to how you can keep up to date when I am going online:

(1) go to my FAN PAGE at Facebook (if you get confused and attempt to "friend" me please be warned.  I am allowed a very limited number of friends and I am much more choosy since my limit is so close).

(2) follow me on twitter.

(3) have good luck and just be in the right place at the right time.  See upper right corner of this blog for #1 and #2.  Pray, for number 3.

Yes I also have a "main account" at facebook which is reserved for those who have a real profile and appear to be open minded, real people who may be interested to provide me a tip in return for my time with you online.  I do say "no" (ie. "ignore") to most of those who ask, who are very obviously not in that category.



P.S. I will really appreciate your feedback on these pix or better yet on my performance at my cam-chatroom if you want to let me know what you think at my Facebook Fan Page.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pammie Gives me a Hand in my CAM Chatroom

The first photo here (above) you see one screenshot from earlier tonight's CAM-Chatroom show with my girlfriend Pammie "giving me a hand." 

But FIRST, I will be online at 10 PM to 12 midnight EST tomorrow Thurs. 3/22.  For those who do not know it, EST means Eastern Standard time and no, I am not a world clock and do not know what time it is where you live.  But my friend Mr. Google or his friendly competitor Mr. Ya Hoo, can surely help you figure it out.  Do you want to see me tomorrow night sometime in my cam-chatroom?
Again, for those who missed my blog and story behind this event I came up with and as to how I persuaded my lady officemate, Pammie to come into my free cam-chatroom TONIGHT, 10 PM EST, and let me use her HAND and a FINGER to do WHATEVER my guests say (the tippers that is) is, here with 23 photos to give you examples of HOW she can use her hand on ME ... I repeat, need PLEDGES of who will attend so please RSVP here, or on my event page... here's the whole story... click HERE for that blog entry with pix.

You can let me know on my Facebook wall if you will be there.

Well, I did promise her hand & possibly a finger and I did deliver as you can see.

And here she is with me holding up her hand that was promised.  You should have seen what she did with this... cannot show it on Facebook of course but if you look below I put a few other screenshot photos that are more "daring."

Should I write another story about Pammie's first and only time in a CAM-chatroom even if it was just a hand & a finger as my "assistant"?

And of course, if you saw Pammie you can let me know on Facebook how did you think she did?

Naturally we had a lot of people visit who expected that any girlfriend of mine would be as petite as me, and who clearly didn't read anything at all of my blog telling how I persuaded my larger sized girlfriend to let me have the use of her hand and maybe a finger see the story if you missed it (with 23 photos showing how a hand or finger could be used - and I should warn you most of these pix are not suitable for Facebook, so all those who did not bother to look at my last blog posting missed the story and the example photos I provided of what she could use her hand for.

Click How I got Pammie to do that to me tonight (23 photos) if you missed that.  

Seeing all these friends who pledged to be there, Pammie and me really thought we had a chance at splitting 10,000 tokens with me.  That would be $100, would have been $50 for each of us.  It would have taken our friends tipping about $200 and we would have earned half of that.  That would have been a dollar or two a person if everyone did a tip or a half dozen or less who could afford $10 to $25 each.

Well, didn't happen though Pammie did use her hand EVERY way I asked along with a finger... actually it was TWO different fingers... and we earned 1,600 tokens, not even close to the 10,000 we set as our goal.

So I told Pammie she can have all of it.  She was a good sport even stayed an extra 15 minutes.

Hoping despite the disappointment she will come back and make herself HANDY for me again sometime in the future on my CAM-Chatroom.  Should I ask her again?

I can give you a hint: she is very good at what she did tonight.  Even though she was wearing the gloves - very velvetty I must add - she did fully insert two different fingers and was VERY good to me with two different toys.

But no matter what she did it did not seem we were going to get much tips from our guests this evening.  It seems everybody has lost their job or lost their credit card, and only the people without any money were watching.  Is it like this all across America when they buy a meal in a restaurant, they all sneak out without leaving a tip? I have to wonder about this.

Of course I already expected, since it is a free site that you can visit without even registering, that I would have some bad apples come in there to try to bother me and especially a new girl and sure enough they were there insulting us both.

Thankfully I had several people that I know willing to help me as "moderators" so they were kept busy KICKING and BANNING people for me.  I thank them very much!!

Is this something I should bother with again, try to see if she is willing to come back for another appearance?

I think I could really use A HAND in this "work" what do you think?

I have some more notes I took to tell the story of what happened during Pammie's first time sort of as my "assistant" in my cam-chatroom, do you think I should take the time to tell that story here and perhaps put a bunch more of the screenshot photos we got?


Monday, March 19, 2012

How you can help encourage my girlfriend Pammie to "give me a hand" this Wed. on CAM

Do you want to watch my girlfriend visit me in my CAM-chatroom this Wed. nite, "live"?

I really need your help to persuade my girlfriend Pamela to make just a one hour appearance this Wed. 3/21 at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time USA.

Pamela - I call her Pammie - is a girlfriend at work who I am very close to.  While most people would not consider her very attractive or even very "petite" sized as I am, she is still a nice person and someone I am very comfortable with.

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 No I do not mean either of us is lesbian or that we are "going out."  But we like each other as friends.  We trust each other. 

Before this week I promised myself I would NEVER EVER share what I do "live" online as a very, very naughty CAM-girl, with anybody at work.  It isn't worth the risk to my career - people snickering behind my back if they find out.
The double standard at work - where guys boast of their "conquests" but girls who do the same thing are "sluts" - could easy sideline my career where I work if it got out how VERY naughty I am "after hours."

But Pamela confided so many things to me about her own personal life, including some embarrasing things about her and her family, that I decided I could really trust her. 

After all, I have juicy tidbits of gossip that I could pass around about Pammie.

And, I've never shown my face on my CAM so, it would be her word against mine if she ever decided to rat me out and say "she goes by the name JemaBel and she shows her pussy and masturbates for strangers on CAM."  She'd not be able to prove anything.  LOL !!

So, I decided to trust Pammie today.  I invited her to lunch at a Starbucks - we could have a salad and then chat over coffee afterwards.

Well, I am bursting to tell you what happened at Starbucks today.  I am still so excited about it and I think you might be too when you find out.

I couldn't wait to get home and write this up to tell you about what we have planned for this coming Wed. night "live" online (better write it down someplace you will NOT want to miss this!!! - It is 10 PM Wed. nite, 3/21).

Yes, today I told Pammie what I do a few nites a week, 3 out of 4 weeks of the month usually. 

Today Pammie learned that her office mate, little me the very prim and proper, is a secret "Filipina CAM-girl" on the side.

I told her enough detail that there was no doubt at all I wasn't kidding.  Oh yes she was very shocked. 

And oh, did "little Pammie" (she's actually larger than petite little me so I call her that) even blushed. 

But after a few moments she was mainly giggling, so much that people at other tables in the Starbucks were looking over at us (and made her very redfaced when she realized she had been so loud).
Then she was dying to know if she could watch sometime, while I am live online with my cam "performing" for you and showing you my goods.

Don't misunderstand.  She was not at all saying SHE wanted to do this too.  She just wanted to quietly watch what I do out of curiosity.

So I suggested she make an appearance and SAY HELLO to my guests on the CAM chatroom - she can even coverup her face as I always do.  "Why not" I said to her, "you can be anonymous and you might really have fun!!".

HECK NO she said, not gonna do that.

But I could see her mind was racing after what I told her, as we sat there eating our salad, with people all around us.  Talking about this topic was more exciting - and dangerous too - than anything she ever thought we'd be talking about at a Starbucks in northern Virginia, I can tell you.  I waited after her last "no".

You see, I just know that Pammie is SO VERY curious now.  I just knew that she was really dying to know more about this, and even to SEE what I was up to on my CAM-chatroom.  After all, it sounded to her like I must be making it all up, since I am always so "proper" at work (even if I do dress far more sexy than she does).

After a few moments of silence she finally couldn't restrain herself and she said "Cmon you are kidding me right, this cannot really be true what you are doing?"

So here is what I got her to agree to settle her curiosity and get her PEEK while I am SHOWING YOU on my CAM.  Because I knew she wouldn't settle for me just telling her.  I knew I had her, and that her curiosity was going to steer her exactly where I wanted her to go.

I asked Pamela to put a glove on and let her HAND show up on my cam. 

First she just looked dumbfounded when I said that.  "My hand"??  I nodded.

"On your cam - you mean, so that people can see me, or just see my hand?" she asked.

I nodded, smiling.  Just your hand.  For my guests to see.  Your hand.  Not your face, no other body parts. 

"What" she murmered, "can you possibly do, just with my hand"

It took a few more moments but Pammie isn't stupid.  She is older, larger and less pretty than me but, stupid she is not.

She finally got an idea of what I meant.  And what I wanted her to put her hand in my CAM-chatroom to do, so that you and others who want to visit and watch on Wednesday night, can see.

Oh my... I could tell she got it when she suddenly looked down embarrassed, nd then even got very REALLY red faced.

Can you imagine what I asked her to do with her gloved HAND showing on my CAM for you to see?

Well, when she figured it out she stopped eating her salad as got even MORE red-faced then when she had outbursted giggling a few minutes earlier and had all those other Starbucks patrons staring at us out of curiosity a second time.

Lets just say, this was not something she ever heard  of - she is a normal heterosexual girl, and had never touched another girl like that, nor ever BEEN touched like that before and certainly did not ever have any friends - until now - who had such stories to tell her.

So here we were in a Starbucks at their busiest time of the day during lunch, and Pammie had stopped eating, and was very obviously VERY shocked by what I had said, VERY red-faced and very much at a loss for words. 

But just for a few moments this went on before Pammie leaned forward to me, and tried to whisper - but it came out much louder than she intended:

"BUT I AM NOT LESBIAN so why would I do THAT to you, even wearing a glove to hide my hand and NEVER show myself in the video CAM for your guests to see me?" 

Silly girl has no idea.  Again it isn't that she is stupid but, she hasn't experimented as I have, and just doesn't know.

Guys LOVE to see that and GIRLS love to TEASE them it is a perfect match and nothing we have to be afraid of.

And while guys (not including gays) hate to see two GUYS touching each other, if two GIRLS do that it is such a turnout, I told her.  Anytime two girls go online at my cam-chatroom, their "room" gets a lot of "traffic" (visitors).

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So, I told her, it is a good question but that was only PART of my answer... 

Cause I could see she was dying to ask me - but didn't want to cause offense - WHY waste my time "showing off" to guys (and some girls) on a cam like that?  What motivates me to do that?

Well, first of all, I repeated out loud that question - knowing it was what she was thinking.  "Why would I want to show off my pussy and my titties on CAM" I asked her? 

She quickly nodded her head, yes.  She wanted to know what would motivate me to do this.

First I asked her: admit it to me.  You do enjoy to know if a guy is ever eying you and having naughty thoughts? 

Now I had to be sensitive here because between the two of us, my looks, short skirts (she dresses FAR more "conservative" than me in the office), nicer formed, pert tits, longer well shaped legs, nicer outfits, better care of my face and hair, and younger age, causes me to get FAR MORE "looks" than she does.

It is just the fact and we both know it and I didn't want to offend her by saying it out loud.

BUT surely she has noticed guys looking at her sometimes?  I asked her to admit what many ladies are never willing to. 

The truth is, we ladies ENJOY when guys look. 

We really do enjoy when you watch and when we excite you, and that is the truth.

Oh, we fear being labeled by others - especially behind our back - as a "slut" or a "whore" for enjoying this - and we know there is a double standard - the very guys who LOOK then would label us that way if we smiled. 

So, we must pretend we do NOT enjoy.  But we do.

Pammie at first was nodding her head denying before she saw it was no trap, I was seriously asking her to admit it.

And I was admitting it out loud to her: yes I do enjoy that "showing off" to guys and when I catch their attention, but we cannot ever admit to it with anyone else at the office for fear of being labeled "slut" behind my back.

She promised she would NEVER reveal my secret at the office!

So, with that out in the open I could tell Pamela, Part One: I show off on CAM because I actually LOVE it - it does in fact, turn me on to know guys (and some girls) are watching and are excited, and admiring me.

And, I told her it goes much further - there are plenty of guys who are VERY excited if you know what I mean?

At that point we had finished our lunch and got up to get coffee, so with so many nearby people we talked about other things while standing in the line.  She noticed a few guys in the room eyeballing me closely - and I am not positive she ever thought about it before but I know what she was thinking then.

In act, as we sat down, she said "you show them a LOT more than you showed these guys so..."

She gestured with her index finger to indicate a rising cock and we both giggled again and had to stop, red faced once again, when we drew more stares from other tables at the Starbucks. 

You could see others there, especially several of the guys who had been "studying" us most closely, must have been curious what we were talking about. 

And I could see their looking at us like that was also having an effect on Pammie, who was clearly enjoying it.
"Yes Pammie," I said.  I show them lots more when they visit me in my CAM-chatroom."  She was spellbound.  Oblivious to anything going on around her, even the stares of those guys. 

She leaned forward to listen better.  We both took a moment to sip our coffee and I purposely waited a few moments before saying this..

I whispered "YES Pammie.  They get very aroused.  Not just a little excited.

"But don't the guys want to then have sex and to cum" when you have them so aroused, what do you do then, how do you get out of that?" she asked me nervously.

Oh that is the easy part, I told Pamela.  I give them what they want, I said smiling wickedly.

"And I make sure to HELP them cum," I assured her most solemnly, nodding my head.

She looked totally shocked, sitting back suddenly, like she was going to fall out of her chair, and then nervously looking around to see if anybody had heard me say "HELP them cum."

She really did look shocked and finally, asked me "But how do you do that - how can you give them what they want?  Don't they want sex, she said giggling again!! 

"And oh" she said quickly as another thought entered her mind - "how many of them are watching you"?

"No silly Pamela," I replied, "I do not visit any of them in person - though I get asked all the time.  I SHOW them and I pretend they are making love to me, and I use my fingers and my TOYS collection, my pussy gets so very wet, my titties are very firmly showing my arousal, there is no question to anyone watching that I am very much enjoying this too, knowing they are getting so aroused that many of them are EXPLODING while I am doing this."

"And,"  I told my office mate, making sure to keep my voice to a whisper as she continued to lean forward closely so as not to miss a word, "I make sure my lighting is good so they get a REAL CLEAR and even CLOSE UP view of what I am doing 'down there' ... and I listen to some of the nicer ones who make suggestions what they like to see me do .... and I do what they say to myself."

"But what about you" Pammie asked me?  "Is this really exciting you too or are you just pretending the whole time?"

"Oh YES," I replied.  "I do cum sometimes, twice or even three times in one session of 1 to 3 hours, in many of my online live video-CAM chatroom sessions."

"And I am most often, very aroused for awhile before that moment" and enjoying the whole experience, most of the time."

Silent again for just a few moments - the red had mostly vanished from her face now - she bursted out with "Oh I want to watch this can I?"

"Would you let me watch you on your CAM-chat" she repeated, "next time you are online and live?"

I was delighted, because this is what I was hoping she would say. 

"But I want you to do more than just watch, if you want to come over, I want your HAND in my video-CAM," I told the suddenly, slightly less bashful and more outspoken Pamela.

"And I want your finger in my pussy" I said to her, sending her right back into that shocked look, just when she thought she understood everything.

"Where do you want my hand," she stammered?

"Your hand in my video, and your finger in my pussy" I replied.  You don't show your face.  You don't appear in my video.  You can wear a glove if you want." And then I leaned forward and whispered clearly "and I want your finger in my pussy, it will make my guests go wild."

Even before I finished the last words she who was still nodding her head left to right, emphasizing the NO that was already on her lips.  The poor girl had just started to accept the idea and look like she was open to this appearance before that last idea from me hit her.

"That's the whole point silly" I said, "your finger goes in my pussy, and my guests will love it."

She sat there stunned with that, saying "my finger... ummmm....."

Our lunch hour was drawing to a close and I really wanted to SEAL THE DEAL before we had to rush back to work and I did not want to accept NO for an answer.

So I interrupted her reverie, leaned forward again, and before she could say NO I whispered to her, "wait Pamela... I didn't get to the best part...  it isn't JUST the fun .... it isn't JUST that a 'good BIG O' for me is great and only TWO big Orgasms are better... the Part Two is, I also get MONEY from a few of the more generous people watching, and I will give you half if you 'give me a hand'."

Comprehension seemed to click in.  I could almost see the light bulb going on over Pammie's head as I said MONEY.

That stunned, surprised look started to fad.  She was once again seeming to understand, and said "my finger... your pussy... money... and you also get at least one orgasm too..."

"They PAY you money for that" she suddenly asked? 

She no longer had that stunned, surprised, shocked look from earlier when I first told her what I do on my cam a few times a week, several weeks out of each month, several hours each time, all to make my watching and anonymous guests happy.

"They really PAY you to cum?" she fairly burst out, causing a few heads to turn our way, for the third time

This time she didn't turn red or look away in embarrasement and I don't think she even noticed the stares, she was so anxious to hear my answer.

"Oh yes Pammie.  I will ONLY do what we call a "cum show" - masturbate to conclusion while showing a close up view of my pussy and how wet it was getting and the full penetration as I actually masturbated to a HAPPY ENDING - when I reach my clearly visible, posted 'goal' in tips for the night.  And if not, I show a bit, and then leave at the announced time and go 'cumless'  that night. 

"I never, ever know what is going to happen in advance.  Could be nothing happens for an hour or up to three hours I said, smiling. 

"Or one night it could be in the first hour, several wild and earth shaking CUMS one after another."

"Pammie, I don't even know which TOY I'll be asked to use - I have a batch for my visitors to choose among and I show them on the CAM.  They choose the weapon of choice, and I use it," I said directly.  "And I cum while they are watching."

"A very few of my visitors are generous SOMETIMES, and they pay the company that collects the money so I can stay anonymous.  I do not get their real name.  They do not get my real name.  We don't see each other's face, cannot identify each other.  It is very safe for us both."

"Do you understand Pammie?"  She nodded yes.

"And the company pays me half of what they collect, which I think is very fair.  I don't have to do ANYTHING technical or worry about the website or any of that and I can just "let go" and not worry about anything at all.  Just enjoy myself when I have a few generous guests who tip me - about 2000 tokens is about $20 cost to me, or $40 cost to them and only real beggars cannot afford that."
"Yes, I just get half of the money that my special, generous, and obviously favorite visitors feel like giving as tips. The company is welcome to the other half as my partner.  I get rude ones calling me name, wierdos demanding that I piss, poop, and spammers or they demand I accept paypal, or use skype."

I could Pammie was having no trouble with any of what I was telling her - in fact she was nodding the whole time so it all made sense, and I continued: "I have signs I keep showing that says NO to all of these, and a message at the bottom saying I don't do ANY of these but, they keep asking so, they are all kicked out of my room by "moderators" who I appoint to help me."

"So I just get DRESSED SEXY with lingerie, high heels, lingerie, garters, stockings" I said. 

"I turn on my CAM at my Cam-chatroom, focus on chat, play, show off, strip down, have fun, make people happy, get some excitement."

She interrupted to say, "it sounds like a regular job, a sideline job with benefits you have."

"Yes" I replied, "but I am the owner of my own business and I can work whenever I feel like it, or not work so in that regard it is very different from our daytime work."

And smiling I reminded her, "many nights I get one to three or four BIG O's, and make some sideline income I can really use at the same time. And I am constantly thinking of what costumers, lingerie, sexy high heels, stockings, costumes I can wear, what new toys I can buy, what new way I'll redesign my 'chatroom' appearance - all great fun."

I could see the wheels turning in Pamela's head and if we didn't get out of there quick we'd be late coming back from lunch and in trouble back at work, so I added this, hoping it would close the sale with her:

"Cmon Pammie we both can use the money.  I have high speed internet expenses, my growing TOYS collection, sexy lingerie and costumes and shoes, video and 35mm cameras and I love to shop.  I need more money.  I need your help.  And I am sure you'd love to do some shopping also.  Besides its the only way you can satisfy your curiosity and see what I am doing."

It finally occurred to her to confirm her suspicion... WHAT do you want my hand in your Webcam show for, what do I have to do?"

She really wanted me to repeat what I said about her FINGER making me CLIMAX?

I decided to be more direct this time.

"To help me CUM you silly" I replied... bracing myself for her reaction... but she was past being shocked at this point and like me, was aware of how late we were and needing to rush back to work... and I think the money part and my asking for her help, convinced her BE DARING and GO FOR IT. 

She quietly nodded her head up and down, murmuring "OK... but..."

And then, when she said "How much money can we make" I knew it was a deal for Wed. night.

I don't know if it hit you yet what you will get to see but it hit me what will happen on Wed. night for the first time since I have been doing this.

I am going to have someone else online play with my titties and my pussy... perhaps put some nice smooth slippery oil on them, on Wed. nite at 10 PM.

And, I started to dwell on what would happen next, that her one hand she had now promised me, will slide down my belly and perhaps first play with my butt cheeks as I turn over and expose my other side to the camera.

And then I will move back to facing forward and that one finger I asked her for, will slowly slip and slide around down below... and .... I will be so wet at that point I think I'll be dripping and VERY aroused and I am wondering how long will I last after 10 PM on Wed. before this is all happening to me...

Honestly it got me so excited right then at Starbacks, where we had snuck just finished a salad and then coffee, and were starting to head out, that I felt a moistening down below and started worrying about lasting the afternoon back in the office with nobody noticing the fresh smell of my arousal and my juices. 

I can become very aromatic when I get so juicy - you can see on my cam even though you cannot smell.

So to close the deal I asked Pammie, "how about we split whatever we get paid - perhaps $50 for one hour's play - all of me, and your one rubber or latex covered, gloved hand, this Wed. starting at 10 PM?"

She said, "half hour?" but I countered quickly, "ONE HOUR." 

She quickly nodded her assent, as she started to push her chair back to stand up and head back to the office, I added, "use your hand, use one finger, make me cum, and lets see what tips we get."

"DEAL," she said, "cmon lets go" signaling she was done with this topic.

So I confirmed back to her to make sure there was no misunderstanding: "OK, we will try it for one hour and see."

On the way back to the office several blocks away, Pammie got back to what she was so curious about, asking "but how will you know anybody will show up to watch us on Wednesday nite?

And suddenly sounding like she had second thoughts Pammie asked, "and how do you know in advance if they will give a tip?"

She'd already agreed, I reminded her as we walked, Wed. nite at 10 PM (EST/USA) and yes, I know there will be plenty of freeloaders and even some rude people and many who will not wish to tip anything but just enjoy a free show. 

"Don't worry about them" I told Pammie, "just wait to see if a few nice ones who are willing to tip because you are having a good time but cannot CUM unless we get 5000 tokens which is $50 for us."

I told her let me think about it, maybe I will advance- announce what we are doing and see how that works.

And so here I am, finishing up this little writing to tell you about how I hope that "My Girlfriend Pammie will give me a hand" on Wed. 10 PM.

So I created the EVENT page on Facebook and invite you to RSVP there. 

Or you can go to my CAM-chatroom (even though I'm not on) and if you are registed (free) you can then leave a message for me there to RSVP if you will be there at 10 PM on Wed.

Help me persuade Pamela to SHOW UP on Wed. nite at 10 PM by using RSVP either at Facebook or at my CAM-chatroom. 

That way she can see we have commitments and she cannot leave me to disappoint my guests who are confirmed to be there.  That would be rude, if she left me literally "high and dry." 

Pammie is anything BUT rude.  I think Wed. at 10 PM it will be "low and wet" not "high and dry."

Keep in mind, at my CAM-chatroom, you can watch without even registering (but you cannot then, make any COMMENTS or chat with me there - jut watch). 

If you do register it is free and they don't ever fill our mailbox with spam and then you can actually chat with me.  Either way you can watch me and you can HEAR me.

And, if you are one of the few people - so far only guys - who is both generous and owns a credit card (a $10 or $25 debit card can be purchased for cash in most drug stores in America) can you indicate either in TOKENS (which  you buy from the CAM-chatroom site company/operator with a credit or debit card) or in cash, if you would consider what amount you may be willing to TIP us, then Pamela can see this is no exaggeration on my part.

You can help me - either with an RSVP or even with a tip pledge (which I won't be mad if you change your mind and cannot do), that she really does stand a chance to earn her half of $50 minimum (would require 5,000 tokens purchased for about $100 in American dollars paid to the site owner) or even 10,000 tokens ($200 to the site owner, half to me which I'd split with Pammie).

How simple is that: you RSVP to my Facebook say YES I might visit at some point Wed. nite 10 PM to 11 PM EST/USA, and YES I might tip, this amount (mention your pledge). 

If you do that, my girlfriend Pamela will make ONE HAND available to appear with me online.

And to make it more interesting Pamela has agreed she will use her ONE HAND however requested, by those who are able to tip. 

That was the last thing we discussed just before we got back to the office.

You can post suggestions for what Pamela's hand should do to me starting at 10 PM right up until the final hour (before 9 pm). 

But when the "show begins" and after I read your messages (keep it CLEAN on Facebook or I will need to delete it), we will OBEY what our TIPPERS tell us.

One hour, no questions asked, Pamela's gloved hand ONLY....  and my entire body (minus the face)... And of course, she won't tell.  Wanna watch?  Wanna tell her what to do with that hand? Wanna tell her how to use one finger on (or in) me?

RSVP to my facebook CLUB
 (no R or X rated talk please, it is forbidden by Facebook).

RSVP to my cam-chatroom message system
(speak whatever you wish, ie. use the Pamala Pinky, in the JemaBel rear?  The index finger on the clit?  Squeeze the right tit?). 

My usual "room rules" are in affect with at least 1 or 2 moderators on duty to kick people out who ignore this: no requests/demands for skype, paypal, face, cockwatch, feet, piss, poop, spam, rudeness, cursing me OR ALL CAPS in chat (very distracting). 

We keep a nice room to enable you to enjoy and enable ME to stay focused on what I do best - showing my guests a very enjoyable time.

I hope to "see" you in my CAM chatroom on Wed. at 10 PM.  I'll be online for a few hours that night but Pammie will be with me with her hand and her finger at your service, for the first hour.  Please RSVP, please join us, watch us and if you can commit to possibly giving a tip let us know so I can show Pammie and be certain she doesn't bail out on me.


P.S. I'll be there even if nobody RSVP's or pledges a tip but without that I cannot be sure I can persuade Pammie to GIVE ME A HAND (and her finger!) at 10 PM on Wed. nite for an hour.  So please RSVP in advance either at my facebook fan club EVENT page or fan page, or at my cam-chatroom wall with a message.  Thank you.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Here is what you missed last night at my CAM-chatroom

 What do you think - Shall I use my cucumber tonight?  I plan on going online between 11 and 11:30 PM (EST) - earlier than normal - this evening and will alert you via my facebook account and my twitter.

But last night it seemed nobody wanted to see the cucumber and tell me what to do with it?  Perhaps different tonight?

Here are scenes from my cam-chatroom last night.  Look what you missed.  Of course these are low quality "screen" shots and not as nice as the actual image you see on your PC.

I was online for three hours and had an average of 250+ friends visiting me at any time.  Probably more than 1000 people stopped in.

Can you believe, not a single dime in tips?  People forget that like servers in a restaurant, the income of someone who works as I do, is completely dependent on the tips that people leave.

I already know that some people, perhaps because of their religion or faith or upbringing, think women are like pieces of furniture or underwear, to be used as you wish, then discarded, without a thought that we are human beings and you are stealing from us when you don't tip.

But there are a lot of Americans and people from Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand visiting me too.  From among those ranks there's usually a few more generous, honest people willing to leave a tip when they have an enjoyable visit.

I am not discouraged though, even as I admit I am disappointed.

I know that despite some of the rude ones who bark out their demands on visiting, and so many who did not think to tip even $5 or $10 or anything, there are good and generous people who do usually visit my cam-chatroom, enjoy my offerings, and then make a nice tip.  And the more they do, the more they and those relying on their generosity, enjoy themselves as I get very excited and "perform" in a much HOTTER way.

Well, I do hope you will visit me, and either way, enjoy the pix, although you will enjoy a visit much more.  And if you haven't already done so get hooked up with me via TWITTER - cum follow me to be alerted when I am going online. and "friend" me on facebook too.



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