Thursday, March 5, 2015

My effort to cheer you up after so much snow

Screenshot from my free live CAM chatroom performance.
Time to get up n go
Cheer up after so much snow.
I know what will make you bright
Come see me the Lady in White

That was the actual "tweet" message I sent to my 5,769 twitter followers and my small yahoo messenger friend list.  

I also sent the screenshot photos I am using to illustrate this post.  

Most of my visitors here who see this won't make it over to my CAM Chatroom in time to see my performance tonight as 'The Lady in White."  

That makes me sad, although I hope you enjoy these screenshots photo and my little effort to spread some cheer in the middle of yet another of these endless northeast USA snowstorms.

I hope you will sign up either with my twitter account or with my yahoo messenger so you get the good news when I am going online a lot faster next time. 

Why keep missing me - and why settle for after the fact screenshot pix when you can see me free, live at my CAM chatroom.  

And don't forget to say hello and keep me company while I wait for a generous person or several I hope, to visit my room and give me a tip to get me to up the tempo of my performance for you.


P.S.  I send pix of me and also many more XXX pix from my friends who send them to me, one more reason to be following me on twitter.  See upper right corner for contact info.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Girlfriend Got Naughty in her backyard pool last year while I snapped these pix

Yes I did think it was too good to be true.  I was just visiting one of my girlfriends who happens to have a nice pool in her backyard, while her husband was at work.  Just the two of us and a bottle of cold white wine I bought with me.  

And I brought my camera, thought that would be fun for us to pose for a few pix.  I had no idea that I could coax my girlfriend into letting me practice taking pictures of her but you know what happened?  

She started really getting into it.  I sure did give her a lot of encouragement, that’s for sure.  But then, I wasn’t kidding when I told her she really looked fabulous, both pretty and sexy.  

She thought I was just exaggerating but as she kept fooling around in the pool and trying out different poses, I kept encouraging her and telling her that she looks as good as any of the girls who pose in the girly magazines and websites guys love to see.  

In fact I told her that when she gave these pictures to her husband he would get pretty wild.  But she was really curious whether guys would like seeing her, and might she actually get enough guys to look at this that some of them might actually pay a website or if her pictures were in a magazine?

In other words, as I kept snapping pictures away, she started to really get into it, and then started asking me if I thought she could make money doing something this easy and simple – posing for me while I snapped pictures.  

Well, I kept telling her how sexy she was and suggesting she go a few steps further in posing MORE sexy for me and she actually did so.  I started making suggestions to her how to pose but even without my ideas she had some of her own.

I realized at that point that there might be no end in sight as to HOW FAR she would go in letting me take pictures but then, I noticed I already had my disc storage space on my camera mostlyfilled up, and only had room for 250 pictures total.

Well, I’ll tell you more about it later but for now I have to run, and I did promise my girlfriend I would not put her name on the internet – she knows that if someone googles her name and I have put these pictures out here WITH her name on them then there’s no telling who would see these pictures that she knows.  She hates the idea of getting into trouble for naughty pix like these if she isn’t even making any money from it, like what’s the point, she asked me?

So I suggested, I will release her pictures a little bit at a time to test the waters and see what interest comes up from this.  

And, if I get people to show their interest – by having them retweet this on twitter, mark it “favorite” and write back to offer encouragement, then I will send some more out, and I will keep her informed how we are doing.

No, I absolutely have NOT told my gf about what I am doing to earn extra money.  But, she could see I was very confident in telling her I think she is very sexy and would be very popular.  She does not know how I know this but trusts I am on to something and is willing to trust me on this for now.

So, if you want to see more of my gf’s 250 pictures – there’s 190 more to go – let me know.  You don’t need to pay anything she understands this is all a test, to see what interest there is in her.  But send out retweets of this, mark it favorite on your twitter account and get this around, that’s what she wants.  And don’t forget any direct feedback will be a help too. 

This is an example of the many pictures my friends on twitter send to me via "tweet" and then I simply "retweet" them.  So it is not just pix of me that I send to my twitter followers.  I cannot send pictures like this in a batch to my yahoo messenger friends as I can with twitter and I sure cannot do this on Facebook, which bans you if you even show an elbow or above the knee.

Some of my twitter friends have expressed confusion as to why I would share pictures like this (above) and the others ones I send out on my twitter account, when I am myself doing cam-girl work and hope you will give ME your online CAM business, whether it is to watch my free performances and boost my numbers of viewers.

Or you could actually pay me a tip at my chatroom or perhaps take me out on a private, higher quality SKYPE session.  Very few men appear to have money to do this from my experience but the few who can are very special to me.

So why do I share pictures of OTHER girls if I want your business for myself?  My view on this topic is simple.  I realize you enjoy variety, and I don’t feel jealous at all when  you enjoy peeking at other girls.  

As long as you visit me occasionally I am happy.  

And, sending out 22,500 pictures to my twitter followers in the last half year or so has resulted in 5,593 people following me as of today.  I hope to expand that number as increase the bulge in your pants, LOL.

And, this is all free – the twitter pictures and videos I send out of me and of other girls, and my CAM-Chatroom performances. 

All of this “free” service, while I await more generous visitors who can either tip me at my cam chatroom while you watch, or who wish to have a private encounter with me via the higher quality SKYPE.

I did "spread Christmas Joy" and continue to spread around the
 joy  at my free CAM Chatroom, photo above.
Now I have gone on longer than I planned here and have to cut this short but I did want to leave you a picture as part of this post of little ME as I was “spreading around Christmas Joy” in December.

Remember, you can best stay in touch with me by following me on twitter, friending me on Facebook (the worst way cause they really censor you) and friending me on yahoo messenger.  Be sure you use the links provided in the upper right hand corner of this blog or you won’t find me so easy.

Hope you get a chance to watch one of my perrformances online – I always send out “performance alerts” to my yahoo messenger and twitter followers.


P.S.  I’m usually online live between 9 PM and 12 midnight EST in my free CAM Chatroom but for private SKYPE appointments you can ask me about your preferred time.   And no, I do not show my face online so I can keep my day-job.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Mardi Gras

I’m celebrating Mardi Gras tonight at my CAM chatroom with a handful of friends but in case you missed the free party I wanted to wish you a happy MARDI GRAS.

One of the pix of my girlfriend I took last summer.
I sent 56 of these (this being the latest) to my twitter
 friends and they are sounding off for me to send the
rest of the 250 I took where she gets far more
naughty.  My GF wonders if people enjoy her pix
enough that she might make money as a model?
For those who do not know this is the start of the Lenten season leading up to the three most important days in the Christian calendar, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and the resurrection of our Lord on Good Sunday.  Since there should be something you give up leading to the sad time of Good Friday and Holy Thursday, for the 40 days of Lent, the idea of Mardi Gras is to get wild with one big party or a series of parties leading up to Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent.

Here’s two of the screen shots from my party tonight at my free cam chatroom.  If you were on my twitter list you’d get these sort of pix (and far higher quality too) regularly plus ALERT messages to let you know when I am going online live.

Wow - I wanted to mention that the last post contrasting Asian vs Blonde ladies with some pix, got the highest readership of anything we have ever posted here, 2,127 visitors, and the one right before that where I told you why I liked Lana Rain (a CAM girl on another site), got the previous record 924 visitors.  I think I'll be posting more "Asians vs Blonde" posts (with pix of course) in the future.


P.S. Mardi Gras Filipina style – the party is still going on at press time, will stop in a few more hours.  Happy Mardi Gras to you!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day, especially to my 5,604 Twitter Followers and my 110 Yahoo Messenger Friends, as well as any visitors, lurkers and guests who are non-of the above.  Here's a photo of me performing LIVE right now (yep I type and multi-task) until 230 AM (another 2 hours), Fri. morning (or Thurs. nite) EST.  I will go on celebrating Valentine's Day again on Sunday night and will let my Twitter Followers and my Yahoo messengers know when (likely at 9 PM).

the largest number of people who wrote to me about my last post with pix seem to favor BOTH Asians as well as Blonde's but with Asians edging out Blonde's for a closxe second place.

Of course it isn't a fair "poll" because those who liked me best wrote to me and I think the rest didn't write at all but I thank those who did let me know either way - the answer "both" or asian girls, I am on your "like/enjoy" list.

If you missed that post scroll down - there's a whole bunch of photos & videos in there too, some far naughtier than this post.  And don't miss the post before about why I like cute blonde cam girl Lana Rain.   These last two posts have the LARGEST VISITORS log of any two I have ever done since I started blogging, and WOW is all I can say.

Hope you get to "see" my show soon or just enjoy the pix I send to my Twitter Followers.


P.S.  Yes my CAM shows are free and I appreciate your watching but what I really appreciate is the few who visit and tip me to compensate me for my time, whether they enjoy watching my free public show or prefer a higher quality, private SKYPE show.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Which is your Favorite, Exotic Asian vs Blonde?

I shared this message on my Facebook page recently and the one photo above (not the others below which are WAY too naughty for Facebook).

One of the fascinating discoveries I made on arrival from Philippines to USA is how people here seem to really love tan skin. 

Those of us with such skin (such as us Filipinas) are surprised to find out that Western eyes consider this tan skin to be "Exotic."

Some Westerners spend hours on the beach or at a tanning salon to get their skin the color mine is at birth (increasing their odds for getting skin cancer too). 

But do you know what is fascinating? 

In the Philippines, those who have light features, especially blonde hair (slightly red) are really considered very sexy and appealing.

Tues., Wed. & Thurs.
Feb. 3, 4 & 5, 2015
9 PM to 12 midnight
(Eastern Standard Time)
So, I am enjoying the fact that the gift given to me by God - my skin - just happens to be the right color to bring a smile to those who see me and hope you get a chance to "enjoy" me in that way sometime.
Meanwhile, for the blonde lady in this picture if you ever get to the Philippines they will really love your look (of course many will say she looks LOVELY regardless of what country the eyeballs are coming from, true?). Do you have an opinion on this topic or experience with this? (END of my Facebook post).

I hope you will get the chance to experience my free CAM Chatroom.  I send out “performance alerts” to let you know when it is showtime via my Yahoo Messenger “Instant Message,” and via Twitter.  I do NOT put announcements on Facebook because they close down any “adult” sounding activity.  Check upper right corner of this blog for how to stay in touch with me.



P.S.  Do Blondes really have more fun?  Visit my CAM-Chatroom sometime and see how much fun this warm-skinned, very not-Blonde lady is having.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Finger and Toy, I love to Spread Joy

As you can see it is my pleasure to use Finger and Toy to Spread around Joy.  

The photo here is being sent to my Twitter Followers as an announcement of my live CAM show performance later tonight and I do expect to use this very glass toy tonight as well as my fingers.

And, I also send GIF videos – short videos like the three in this post – to my Twitter followers.  In keeping with my New Year’s Resolution to share more GIF’s here are three for you – and yes these are all of me, and from live performances I put on for my visitors and friends at my free CAM Chatroom this week.

Thursday 1/29/15
9 PM to 12 Midnight 3 Hours
(Eastern Standard Time)
In fact, I have today created with some help from one of my Fans (thanks DivingTony, a frequent moderator at my CAM Chatroom), 9 video-GIFs so this is just the first three of the nine with the other six scheduled to be posted here and also sent to my Twitter Followers.  

This can be done on a free site with little storage thanks to Twitter which allows for an "embed" of the video I just sent to my followers there (follow me on twitter - see upper right corner of this blog).

Word of this is also sent to my Yahoo Messenger Friend list (all of these methods to stay in touch with me, see upper right hand corner).  

Only my Facebook Friends are barred from knowing about this because I cannot tell them – my last account was closed for simply referring in a NOT adult fashion, my other activities at this blog and at Twitter. 

I hope you enjoy these and as always I do read messages at my Yahoo Messenger account although I cannot always take the time to chat there, because my focus in chat is always at my Cam Chatroom.  

No, not because I force you to pay me anything – I recognize a lot of my fans simply cannot afford the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks to tip me, sad to say.  But, while you keep me company at my CAM Chatroom and I do provide some nice entertainment, I remain hopeful that someone will come along who can tip me nicely for my efforts.  
I accept there are those who either cannot afford a tip or who are basically, lying, cheating and thieving types at heart, LOL.  But there are also some gentlemen who recognize they ought to pay for what they are enjoying and they do.  My hats off to them, along with other things that come off for them!

So, I hope you will continue to enjoy my effort to spread Joy to the World after the Christmas season and into the new year 2015.  And if you would enjoy watching a live CAMgirl perform using toys and fingers don’t forget to watch one of my performances at my free CAM Chatroom, perhaps tonight.


P.S. I am on the lookout for those who can afford to take me out for a private SKYPE session.  Yes I most certainly enjoy having a sideline job here where I get paid to cum.  See photo/ad at the right hand sider of this blog for details.  And if you buy a 2nd 10 minutes I give you a free 5 minutes added on to total 25 minutes.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Is it True What my Hat Says I HAVE BEEN GOOD?

I posted this photo on my Facebook page but not the ones below, from the same photo shoot… or else I would join the friend who posted much too racy video that got it removed and her banned (see my previous post)… here is what I said at my Facebook page (feel free to FRIEND me there where I am Ching Beee, see upper right hand corner).

(From my Facebook page) Another of the "culture shock" things I noticed that is different between USA and Philippines is that we REALLY love our Christmas season and are not in such a hurry as most Americans are, to tear down the tree after the big day has passed. 

This photo above,  is one of those rare ones of me I am willing to risk posting here (Facebook has punished me with BLOCK, four times, without ever telling me WHY, but usually right after I post a photo like this one, showing little or no part of my body), showing my Christmas tree that is still up, over 2 weeks after Christmas. 

In the Philippines you don't hear anyone complaining about the "commercialization" of Christmas, and store merchants have beautiful displays up in early September, never mind waiting over 2 more months until Thanksgiving (which of course, being a unique American holiday, is not celebrated in Philippines). 

And if you look closely at the photo you may enjoy the message on my hat.  I did spend time with friends with my video camera wearing this outfit and the hat with that message and they agree, I have indeed, been good. (End Facebook post)

I enjoy my “work” as a Chat Camgirl host - which I do not ever refer to at my "Ching Beee" Facebook page page - and hope you will visit me some time for some racy fun, and the you can decide if it is true or not, as the hat message says, “I’ve been good.”

And, if you are in doubt whether I have been good, take a look at some of the other pix of me that show you what visitors to my CAM Chatroom got to see during the Christmas season performances I did.



P.S.  What a huge difference what I am allowed to post at my twitter account and here, versus my very limited and heavily censored Facebook page.  If you want to be my friend on Facebook that is great but much better is for you to get a twitter account to follow me, and a Yahoo Messenger account to friend me there and best would be to visit me at my CAM chatroom (all links above, upper right corner of this blog).  Unless you don’t like Asians, or don’t like XXX.